We have extensive experience helping leaders, organisations and governments create the conditions for sustainability and to consider their impact on the sustainability of the wider world.


Open for Sustainability | UN Climate Change Conference - COP26

Presented and led panel discussion on Open Collaboration Opening Sustainability at the Open Technology for Sustainability Day


2019 - Present

Implementing Culture for Sustainable Growth | Interchange Consultancy

Discovery and critical insights into our client’s needs and customer base, identifying blocks that prevent rapid innovation, resilience and sustainable growth

Delivering recommendations, education and consultancy for unblocking trapped and untapped value through people & leadership; perception & awareness; and systems, structures & processes

Helping clients develop sustainable thinking, sustainable practices and to consider their wider impact by implementing the conditions of ORBITALS to aid navigation of possible, probable and preferred futures


2019 - Present

Sustainable Futures | Interchange Insights Reports, Calls & Conferences

Presenting case studies, phenomenological data and insights on barriers and recommendations for creating the conditions that aid navigation of possible, probable and preferred futures


2016 - Present

Sustainable Business | Grá

Founded and continue to run a small eco-business making natural skincare products with fully biodegradable packaging, with the aim of being kind to the skin and kind to the planet

Active research into the challenges of implementing sustainable approaches and opportunities for improvement across global sectors and markets


2009 - Present

Releasing Trapped & Untapped Value for Organisations and Teams

Identifying multi-millions of dollars worth of lost revenue and new revenue opportunities

Identifying performance inhibitors in teams to regain thousands of productivity hours and utilization; reduce millions of dollars in operational costs; and improve service levels