We have extensive, pioneering experience as creators and advocates of transformational practices that aid cycles of regeneration and lead to sustainable growth.

2019 - Present

Transforming Organisations & Teams | Interchange Consultancy

Discovery and critical insights into our client’s needs and customer base, identifying blocks that prevent sales, implementation and regenerative growth

Delivering recommendations, education and consultancy for unblocking trapped and untapped value through people & leadership; perception & awareness; and systems, structures & processes

Identifying key champions, key communities and connection points to improve sales opportunities and implementation


2019 - Present

Transforming Awareness | Interchange Insights Reports, Calls & Conferences

Presenting case studies, phenomenological data and insights on barriers and recommendations for implementing the conditions that aid navigation of possible, probable and preferred futures



Transforming a Non-Profit Global Ecosystem | Lausanne

Created a collaborative model for a multicultural, multisector non-profit working to address global challenges experienced in the workplace; this proof of concept experience was led over a 3-day in person event with 250 participants, 32 labs conducted, 19 challenges addressed using open principles and practices; participants left with a Lab Toolkit to enable this repeatable model.


2018 - Present

Transforming Culture & Futures | Interchange Community Calls, Roundtables & Masterclasses

Educating and advising senior leaders in the public and private sectors on creating the conditions for navigating possible, probable and preferred and futures

Including Secretaries of State, government CIOs, members of the ICA, European, and LATAM governments and government agencies and  executives from the European Commission; charities; global NGOs; private companies



Transforming Place-Based Learning | Cities of Learning UK

Created the blueprints for Cities of Learning UK in collaboration with 3 UK cities, the RSA & DigitalMe, informed by my work in open learning, open recognition and open badge pathways



Transforming Individual & Organisational Behaviours | The Open Index

Created a psychometric assessment that looks at several dimensions of cognitive behaviours across the five open principles; from individual to team to organizational level which showcases the root causes of “not being open”


2016 - Present

Transforming Culture | Open Org Ambassador

Facilitation and architecture of a growing community and driving global conversations on open culture

Providing leadership to the community

Authorship of books and resource materials

Invited expert and speaker on open culture 

Created, launched and administered Open Org TV for the Open Organization project


2015 - 2018

Transforming People, Leadership & Workplace Culture | Forbes Coaches Council

Invited to be a founding member and contribute thought leadership on people, leadership and workplace culture and represent as a recognized Executive Coach


2013 - 2017

Transforming Systems & Process | Consulting

Led multiple projects that identified trapped value and untapped value due to workflow, systems and process challenges

The diagnostics and analysis led to uncovering multi millions in lost revenue and multi millions in new revenue opportunities as well as performance inhibitors in teams

Led strategy sessions to realign processes and workflow to release the untapped value to increase revenue, team performance, information flow and open for new opportunities for sustainable growth



Transforming Recognition & Skills | Open Badges, Mozilla

Early adopter, pioneer and contributor to the development of the Open Badge open standard. Open Badges have created a paradigm shift in how we think about recognition and skills globally. The Open Badge standard is used by global top 5 companies and many more to transform skills programmes, talent pipelines and recruitment practices 

Created blueprints for Open Badge Pathways (with Open Badges team at Mozilla)



Transforming Scottish Further and Higher Education Assessment Practices | Jisc

Advisor to Scottish Further and Higher Education on transforming assessment practices and moving from paper based to digital assessment


2009 - 2010

Transforming Service Model & Team Performance | Deloitte

Led data integrity and workflow analysis with team performance review which led to taking a bottom ranked service team to #1 in the Nation in 10 months

The new service model rolled out transformed delivery and support models across every national office.


2007- 2010

Transforming Scottish Social Services | Scottish Social Services Learning Networks

Led cross-sectoral transformation in working practices though open online learning, development of communities of practice and open collaboration


2006 - Present

Transforming Behaviours | Executive Coaching & Consulting

Researching and studying the most effective and sustainable transformation arcs for growth

Personal awareness for transformation

Executive Coaching for performance improvement, navigating major shifts, and empowering mindset and cognitive behaviour change

Research from behaviour studies led to crafting assessments and diagnostics to identify core intelligences, positive contribution value during change, unlock trapped value, discover untapped value, and to remove bias, barriers and limitations

Began deeper research into change horizons and how people respond and engage with change and necessary conditions for sustainable change leading to a Language of Change and various models and methodologies


2006 - 2010

Transforming People & Systems | Deloitte

Led and facilitated workflow and system changes that led to increased performance in teams, reduced overtime and operational costs, increased service opportunity and resource utilization 

Research derived from experience in performance improvement initiatives and new systems implementations

Coaching of direct reports, peers and leaders in the firm used in gaining awareness into mindset shifting and cognitive behaviour change


2005- 2007

Transforming Assessment | Re-Engineering Assessment Practices

Technical advisor to the Re-Engineering Assessment Practices (REAP) project, which had a global impact on influencing changes in assessment practices in higher education (University of Strathclyde)



Transforming Scottish Social Work Education | Stór Cúram project

Advised and educated Scottish social work academics in higher education on how to transition to online delivery and open working practices