Balance, Information Flow, Trust

We have extensive experience empowering connection, common purpose and facilitating communities.

2019 - Present

Unblocking Trapped & Untapped Value | Interchange Consultancy

Discovery and critical insights into our client’s needs and customer base, identifying blocks that prevent sales, implementation and regenerative growth

Delivering recommendations, education and consultancy for unblocking trapped and untapped value through people & leadership; perception & awareness; and systems, structures & processes

Identifying key champions, key communities and connection points to improve sales opportunities and implementation


2019 - Present

Creating Bridges & Connection Points | Interchange Community Calls, Roundtables & Masterclasses

Facilitating conversations and empowering connections across multiple disciplines, sectors and contexts 

Bringing disparate perspectives and polarised voices together

Creating psychologically safe spaces for conversations to be kinder and more productive


2019 - Present

Insights for Transformation | Interchange Insights Reports, Calls & Conferences

Presenting case studies, phenomenological data and insights on barriers and recommendations for creating the conditions that aid navigation of possible, probable and preferred futures


2013 - Present

Creating Balanced Teams

Leading large-scale consultancy projects as PMO Lead and pulling the right people together to achieve the goals in less time

Research into how individuals think and process information and then respond during change led to developing the Positive Contribution Value and coordinating assessment

Ongoing facilitation and architecture of The Open Organization Project & Ambassadorship


2010 - 2014

Empowering Connections Through Open Communities | Jisc

Founding and facilitating multiple forums in Higher Education to support sectoral sharing of practice, including: the Scottish MOOC forum, Scottish e-Assessment Forum, the Open Badges Forum; the Scottish Moodle User Group

Introducing the concept of open, digital credentials across Scotland by founding and facilitating the Open Badges in Scottish Education Group (OBSEG), the first such group in the world to bring together educational institutions and agencies, national government, local authorities, employers, student groups, awarding bodies and professional associations to consider digital credentials in a national context



Transforming Behaviours | Executive Coaching & Consulting

Used research from client projects - experience and derived outcomes based on my work

Began deeper research into change horizons and how people respond and engage with change and necessary conditions for sustainable change

Multiple diagnostics created during this phase of research

Trapped Value Assessment; Untapped Value Assessment; RBBL (Bias, Barriers & Limitations); Intelligences Insight

Research from behavior study and observation led to development of the Positive Contribution Value psychometric assessment and insights into how people contribute best and at their highest



Improving Information Flow & Trust | Deloitte

Led data integrity and workflow analysis with team performance review which led to taking a bottom-ranked service team to #1 in the Nation in 10 months

The new service model rolled out transformed delivery and support models across every national office

Team dynamics and performance increased by 80%