Awareness, Learning

We have pioneering experience creating blueprints, approaches and tools for the development of awareness, and to empower learning wherever and whenever it happens.

2019 - Present

Learning Through Discovery | Interchange Consultancy

Discovery and critical insights into our client’s needs and customer base, identifying blocks that prevent sales, implementation and regenerative growth

Delivering recommendations, education and consultancy for unblocking trapped and untapped value through people & leadership; perception & awareness; and systems, structures & processes

Identifying key champions, key communities and connection points to improve sales opportunities and implementation


2019 - Present

Facilitating Learning | Interchange Masterclasses

Facilitating peer-powered, active learning with our suite of core masterclasses and bespoke masterclasses delivered for client teams, covering topics people & leadership; perception & awareness; and systems, structures & processes

Fostering conversations and empowering connections across multiple disciplines, sectors and contexts, bringing disparate perspectives and polarised voices together for deeper learning

Creating psychologically safe spaces for conversations to be kinder and learning more comprehensive


2019 - Present

Sharing Learning | Interchange Insights Reports, Calls & Conferences

Presenting case studies, phenomenological data and insights on barriers and recommendations for creating the conditions that aid navigation of possible, probable and preferred futures



Place-Based Learning | Cities of Learning UK

Created the blueprints for Cities of Learning UK with 3 UK cities and a multi-agency team, drawing on my work creating the blueprints and prototype for Open Badge Pathways with Mozilla


2014 - Present

Developing Self & Skills Awareness | Open Recognition

Early adopter, pioneer and contributor to the development of the Open Badge open standard. Open Badges have created a paradigm shift in how we think about recognition and skills globally. The Open Badge standard is used by global top 5 companies and many more to transform skills programmes, talent pipelines and recruitment practices 

Created blueprints for Open Badge Pathways (with Open Badges team at Mozilla)


2006 - Present

Transforming Behaviours Through Awareness | Executive Coaching & Consulting

Researching and studying the most effective and sustainable transformation arcs for growth

Personal awareness for transformation

Executive Coaching for performance improvement, navigating major shifts, and empowering mindset and cognitive behaviour change

Research from behaviour studies led to crafting assessments and diagnostics to identify core intelligences, positive contribution value during change, unlock trapped value, discover untapped value, and to remove bias, barriers and limitations

Began deeper research into change horizons and how people respond and engage with change and necessary conditions for sustainable change leading to a Language of Change and various models and methodologies


2005 - 2017

Transforming Assessment & Recognition

Technical expert to the Re-Engineering Assessment Practices project, which influenced global changes in how assessments in higher education are delivered

Committee member of Scottish Colleges e-Assessment Group (2010-2014)

Elected Board member of the eAssessment Association (2011-2014)

Early adopter of the open badges open standard and member of global developer community

Advocate of open assessment and open recognition via the open badges standard within higher education

Invited expert to the Digital Credentialing Initiative that oversaw the transition of the Open Badge standard from Mozilla to the new stewards IMS Global

Author to Open Badge Assessment Extension for v2 of the Open Badge standard


2004 - 2014

Open Learning | Universities of Edinburgh, Strathclyde, RGU & Glasgow

Creating and facilitating cross-disciplinary and cross-sectoral open learning opportunities

Designing and tutoring on MOOCs including: ALT's first MOOC, OCTEL; the Open Badge Networks MOOC on Open Badges

Facilitator of the Scottish MOOC forum