Pioneering pathways, unlocking trapped and untapped value.

Understanding the impact of culture

Often we only extend the context of culture to our organisational mission, the type of team members we seek, or the feeling our employees have in the workplace.

However, culture extends far beyond and has impacts on the bottom line of an organisation. 

Our Definition & Context of Culture

Organizational culture can be defined as “how” a company conducts itself internally and externally.

The “how” encompasses our:  ethos + values + frameworks

It includes:

  • core values
  • expectations for behavior
  • decision-making models
  • leadership structures
  • how it (the org) conducts itself with others 
  • how information flow operates (workflow, processes, communication)
  • how one is enabled to express oneself within the organization 

Culture is crucial, as it affects productivity, performance, employee engagement, and customer relations.

Regenerating through Culture

What you can expect

Regenerating Culture

Leveraging our unique approach, we help you to orbit ideas, use our diagnostic tools, courses, assessments and consultancy approaches to discover critical insights about your needs and customer base, identifying blocks that prevent sales, implementation and regenerative growth.

We deliver recommendations, courses and consultancy for unblocking trapped and untapped value.

Leveraging our unique coaching and approach, transformation occurs, on average, in 90 -180 days (depending on context).

Balancing teams and implementing culture change, transformation occurs, on average, in 6-9 months (depending on context).

Our Approach

Our approach leverages three key foci that we use to: gain a rounded perspective of an organisation; catalyze the benefits that can be gained from ermering tech; and help you navigate the change inherent in implementing new cultures or technologies. These foci are:


Transformational Impacts

What we have helped achieve

Revolutionising Sectors & Ecosystems

Helped revolutionise skills & recognition globally as author to the Open Badge standard

Helped architect the global knowledge community, the Open Organization

Created collaborative development models for multicultural, multisector ecosystems

Co-created the blueprints for Open Badge Pathways and the award winning Cities of Learning UK

Transforming Behavioural Awareness

Leveraged our unique coaching and methodologies, generating transformation in 90 -180 days (on average)

Balanced teams and implemented culture change, generating transformation in 6-9 months (on average)

Releasing Trapped Revenue

Identified & helped organisations develop plans to release millions in revenue

In one instance, we unblocked workflow barriers to increase service by 280% and removed a 94% blockage to service and revenue capacity

Discovering Untapped Revenue

Helped organisations uncover millions in untapped revenue opportunities and make them immediately available for capture

Recovering Operational Value

In one instance, we identified & repaired operational leakage by increasing team utilisation by 80% and by reducing overtime by 219%.

We identified performance inhibitors in teams to regain thousands of lost productivity hours, which recovered millions in operational costs

Providing Insights for Growth

Discovered critical insights into our clients' needs and customer bases, identifying blocks that prevent sales, implementation and regenerative growth

Delivered recommendations, education and consultancy for unblocking trapped and untapped value through people & leadership; perception & awareness; and systems, structures & processes

Identified key champions, key communities and connection points to improve sales opportunities and implementation

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