What we do

Empower people to navigate possible, probable and preferred futures.

The empathetic, humanised approach to change.

Welcome to Interchange. 

We show leaders how they can identify the conditions for rapid innovation, resilience and sustainable growth.

We help leaders to see their true impact on the world, and to imagine a new future that connects more readily with the needs of their people. 

Our work is not mutually exclusive of cultural outcomes – quite the opposite. In fact, we’ve uncovered millions in potential revenue, measurably improved customer service functions, and repeatedly unlocked trapped value for organisations.

It requires an empathetic, humanised approach to change. 

How we do it

Yes, you're a leader.
But you're also a person.

We use a humanised approach to normalise change.

Organisations and leaders have been climbing an uphill battle to remain relevant let alone get ahead of the next round of change.  We acknowledge the journey of where you have been while focusing on a new horizons ahead. 

Interchange uses an empathetic, humanised approach:  As your partner we seek meaningful engagement. We build trust and hold the space for exploration, discovery and safe iteration.

Interchange helps you diagnose/analyse where you are today:  We understand that the leadership organizational journey has taken many twists and turns.  With fresh perspectives and expert “eyes”, we see the pathways, limitations and make complex situations clear.

Interchange helps you connect the dots and find clarity in situations: We meet people where they are today while acknowledging the value of where they have been while making connections between your experiences, current conditions and the coming change horizons you wish to navigate.

Interchange helps you navigate change horizons: With pioneering expertise in open, decades of experience in open leadership, open learning and open change, Interchange helps your leaders to identify and map out the conditions for rapid innovation, resilience and sustainable growth. 

Our services

Identify where you are today

Using a fusion of diagnostics, interviews, observations and analysis, Interchange helps you pinpoint where you are today and identify trapped or untapped value.

Discover where you want to go

Interchange helps people ideate, evaluate and agree on new, more preferable directions for organisations,  shedding traditional constraints and old thinking for a more open, synergistic approach to the future. 

Navigate how to get there

Interchange supports you through your change journey with whatever you need to get there. We provide stakeholder coaching and alignment, progress checkpoints, monitoring and diagnostics, communication hubs, identification of emerging patterns that may impact the change, resources and assistance in clearing obstacles. 


Where are you today?

What is it that's holding you back?

Future Trajectories Mapping

Coming in 2022 – a suite of diagnostic tools to aid in setting your course and analysing along the way

In 2017, Jen Kelchner began to research open behaviours and created an assessment to measure ones – and an organisations – openness. Additionally creating through decades of research and experience on how an individual engages with change, a psychometric assessment that indicates how a person positively contributes to change initiatives which allows for balanced, optimised and sustainable teams.

Both of these diagnostics and other signature tools are now being redesigned to incorporate the last five years of additional research which will be bundled into a suite of diagnostics.

These instruments and their outputs will aid in assessing:

  • open culture
  • open behaviours
  • contribution value
  • trapped and untapped value
  • optimal conditions for innovation, resilience and sustainablity
  • change horizon scans for course correction
  • identify how future-ready you are

The Interchange Launch Pad

Navigate your own future.

Expertise, as and when you need it.

The Interchange Launch Pad [beta] will be accessible Q1 2022. Let us know you’re interested in being notified of upcoming release dates. 

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