Shaping conversations
designing approaches
& prime organisations
for emerging tech & futures

Innovation occurs
across all landscapes.

Organisational Culture

We help you develop connection, visibility and trust with an open culture.

People & Leadership

We help you empower high performing, regenerative people and leadership.

Processes & Structure

We help you build processes and structures that deliver flexibility, resilience and sustainability.

Futures begin with ideas and possibilities
We shape conversations through our contributions to open communities and global issues
Shape Services
Futures begin with flexible approaches
We design open and humanised approaches and systems, inspired by emerging tech
Design Services
Futures require connection, visibility & trust
We prime organisations with our approaches and tools for connection, visibility and trust​
Prime Services

We supercharge your future possibilities

"We see Interchange as a partner that thinks about future context when advising us about today."

Get future-primed

Interchange Platform

We take you on a journey of connection and learning with our Interchange Platform and provide you with tools and resources to future-prime your organisation. 

Bespoke Consultancy

Recognise and release hidden value in your organisation with our bespoke consultancy and learning experiences.

Future Conceptulisation

We partner with foundations, organisations and communities to design new approaches and systems.



Facilitating discussion


Open community contribution

Shaping conversations

Priming for futures

Interchange platform community

Insights Chats





Recommendations for policy

Revealing Trapped & Untapped Value (TUV)


Concept creation

Blueprint creation

Concept architecture

Collaborative design sessions

User-centred design

UX / UI design

Multimedia design





Designs for releasing Trapped & Untapped Value (TUV)


Diagnostics (bespoke / on demand)

Courses (bespoke / on demand)

Micro-lessons (on demand)

Implementation tools (on demand)

Case studies (on demand)

Collaborative learning masterclasses

Remote delivery

Concept exploration

Open culture learning experience

Online conferences

Interchange platform

Interchange platform membership (white label)

Curated learning programmes

Strategy recommendations

Releasing Trapped & Untapped Value (TUV) consultancy