COP26, United Nations, Creative Commons, Red Hat, OpenUK

Reimagining solutions to climate change at COP26

The United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) 2021 brought nations together to tackle the issue of climate change. We were invited to speak and moderate a panel discussion at the OpenUK Open Technology for Sustainability day on the subject of Open Collaboration Opening Sustainability. Gráinne Hamilton facilitated a lively and inspiring session with panelists from the United Nations, Creative Commons and Red Hat sharing how open culture has empowered global solution-making and exploring how open approaches can be harnessed to protect our collective futures.



Facilitating discussion


Shaping conversations

Concept exploration

Priming for futures

Open Culture learning experience

150 +
participants present
1000 +
estimated online audience
commitments to champion open & sustainability by the panelists


sectors represented including government, higher education, industry, charities & more

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