At the interchange of

Open culture & navigating futures

Between 2019 to 2021, Interchange ran peer-powered roundtables, masterclasses and conferences on Future Ready Government and the Workplace of the Future, with 56 leaders from government and the public sector. The majority of participants held strategic and technology-related roles. The roles represented included Secretaries of State, national and state government Chief Information Officers (CIOs), heads of directorate, heads of service, team leads and similar roles. Over 300 data points were gathered from these events which inform the blocks and recommendations sections of the report.

In addition, in this report the authors explore five case studies of how openness has been applied in a variety of contexts by: charities; a global NGO; cities; a company experiencing rapid growth; and the upstream community of an open source technology company. The outcomes the subjects gained by being open are identified, including how openness enhanced rapid innovation, resilience and sustainable growth for these organisations.

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