Open Culture
for traditional, hybrid and decentralised organisations

Maximising the benefits of emerging technologies to revolutionise how we work, learn and collaborate

Coming Summer 2022

About the book

Authors: Gráinne Hamilton & Jen Kelcher with Bryan D. Eldgridge

How do we improve on existing legacy models and create more humanised and trusted approaches?

How do we create vibrant and purposeful organisations, leverage our communities and bring people along with us? Over the past couple of decades open approaches and new technologies have revolutionised how we work, learn and collaborate. Emerging technologies compel us to consider how culture can promote or prevent their benefits.

In this book, pioneers in Open, Gráinne Hamilton and Jen Kelchner explore: common characteristics of organisations that value and use open approaches; what open culture means to them and how they approach implementing it; and how open cultural approaches have benefited organisations, including cities, NGOs, private companies, charities and global communities.

They reference lessons from their own work helping traditional organisations implement open within their existing context, and those they’ve helped bridge towards hybrid or decentralised approaches, as well as their own work creating decentralised approaches.

Open Culture for Traditional, Hybrid and Decentralised Organisations provides an introduction to what characterises open culture, what blocks it and how to implement it.

  • Presents core tenets of an open culture and open characteristics, and how these can look through different lenses and manifest from different perspectives
  • Provides examples of how open culture can be operationalised and implemented through behaviours, processes and structures
  • Contexualises open culture with case studies of traditional, hybrid and decentralised organisations, presenting the challenge, solution, and successful outcomes generated, and how open culture aided flexibility, resilience and sustainability 

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About the authors

The authors of this book are Gráinne Hamilton and Jen Kelchner. They have worked in the field of open for over 20 years, pioneering new concepts and helping a range of leaders and organisations to implement cultural conditions that aid integration of emerging tech. Organisations they have advised and partnered with include global tech giants and pioneers in open, governments, Fortune 100 companies, the European Commission, cities, charities, NGOs and global knowledge communities. 

They have incorporated lessons from creating new open concepts, and their experiences helping organisations implement open, to inform their own approach to open culture that they set out in this book. They also explore how an open culture can help organisations adapt to and amplify the benefits of emerging tech and discuss their own decentralised organisational approach, which spans open culture, Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAOs) and blockchain technologies. As founders of the consultancy Interchange, they partner with leaders and organisations to help them architect concepts, cultivate collaboration and navigate change.