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Interchange’s practical introduction to open culture includes general insights into culture, why it matters to your success, characteristics of open, case studies, and our approach to implementation to revolutionise how you work, learn and collaborate.


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"What Interchange has done is given me a framework and a set of tools to communicate and engage an audience in organisational transformation the open source way."
Jim Craig
Red Hat, Global Government

The emerging era will need cultural approaches that enable connection, sharing, and open behaviours.

We‘ve developed a cultural approach for the emerging era that we call open culture. This approach is based on decades of experience creating new open concepts; through our work helping organisations implement open approaches; and learning what conditions helped them to achieve positive outcomes.

Our approach leverages three key foci that we use to: gain a rounded perspective of an organisation; catalyze the benefits that can be gained from open approaches and ermering tech; and to help navigate the change inherent in implementing new cultures or technologies.

Open Culture

A Cultural Approach To Working In The Emerging Era

In this course we will explore:

the common characteristics of organisations that value and use open approaches; how open characteristics can be operationalised and implemented, and how open approaches have benefited organisations, including private companies, cities, global communities, charities and NGOs.

We reference lessons from our own work helping traditional organisations implement open within their existing context, and those we’ve helped bridge towards hybrid or decentralised approaches, as well as our work creating decentralised approaches. We supplement this with characteristics of open organisations as explored by the Open Organization community and use case studies to contextualize both.

By the end of this course you will know:

Learning Options

This course is ideal for directors, c-level and team leaders who are seeking to understand more about approaches, behaviors and practical operational processes to adapt the workplace.


for Leaders
£ 1500
  • 35+ Micro-lessons
  • Implementation Resources & Tools
  • Leader's Guide to Implementation
  • Self-Assessments
  • Application Case Studies
  • Emerging Era Context
  • How We Got Here
  • Community & Peer Engagement


for Teams
Contact for Pricing
  • 35+ Micro-lessons
  • 2- hour, private concept session with the experts, bringing your ideas to form
  • Implementation Resources & Tools
  • Application Case Studies
  • Emerging Era Context
  • How We Got Here
  • Community & Peer Engagement

Workshop in a Box

group self-paced
Contact for Pricing
  • 35+ Micro-lessons
  • Application Case Studies
  • Emerging Era Context
  • How We Got Here
  • Implementation Resources & Tools
  • Facilitator Worksheets
  • Community & Peer Engagement


tailored to your context
Contact for Pricing
  • Hybrid conent
  • Up to 15 participants
  • 6 hours of concept collaboration with the experts
  • Solution outlines & strategies
  • Implementation Resources
  • Application Case Studies
  • Emerging Era Context
  • How We Got Here
  • Community & Peer Engagement

Looking to co-create solutions?

Our Masterclass could be the solution you're looking for

Our masterclass is tailored to your context and using the knowledge in the room to develop solutions you can then implement while working directly with our experts.

This [masterclass] was a great experience in talking about what is/not working in these scenarios.

Director, Ireland Public Sector Future Ready Government Masterclass

Great format and tools, big thanks!

Deputy Head of Sector DIGIT, European Commission Workplace of the Future Masterclass

"When you see them in action -- they are incredibly skilled at what they do -- it feels like magic."

Jim Craig, Red Hat Global Government Future Ready Government Masterclass

Best part was discussions and sharing - it's the only place I can learn like this!

Director, Ireland Public Sector Future Ready Government Masterclass

Why Interchange?

With over two decades of expertise pioneering concepts in the field of open and in releasing hidden value in organisations, Interchange has crafted leading edge content on open culture and working in the emerging era. Video and live session courses are designed with an underlying heutagogy for optimal learning and application.

About the course creators

The creators of this course are Gráinne Hamilton and Jen Kelchner, the founders of Interchange. Together they have created the Interchange Orb, a decentralised, autonomous organisation (DAO) approach that spans culture and DAO characteristics and technology. They partner with leaders and organisations around the world to help them architect concepts, cultivate collaboration and navigate change.

Gráinne Hamilton

Gráinne Hamilton has 20 years of experience working in the field of open, and during that has co-created and pioneered new open approaches, and partnered with governments, cities, higher education, industry, and others to implement open learning, open recognition and open culture.

Cultivating multi-stakeholder collaboration to create the blueprints for the award-winning Cities of Learning UK, she has also co-created the blueprints for Open Badge Pathways and helped oversee and author the Open Badge standard which has been used by global top 5 companies to transform their skills programmes, recruitment and the capability of their people.

Jen Kelchner

Jen Kelchner has 25 years of experience advising teams and senior leadership on performance improvement, architecting future pathways, releasing hidden and trapped value, and developing environments for high-performing teams.

She has created assessments and practices on open behaviours, the psychology of change and contribution value; and, co-created the Open characteristics, Open Organization books and resources as well as assisting in architecting the global open organization community.

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