NEW Hybrid Course. Open Culture: A Cultural Approach for Working in the Emerging Era

We are pleased to bring our popular course on open culture to wider audiences with our new hybrid format of self-paced micro-lessons, open live concept session and practical resources for implementation.

This practical introduction to open culture includes general insights into culture, why it matters to your success, characteristics of open, case studies, and our approach to implementation to revolutionise how you work, learn and collaborate.

Why open culture?

The emerging era will need cultural approaches that enable connection, sharing, and open behaviours.

We‘ve developed a cultural approach for the emerging era that we call open culture. This approach is based on decades of experience creating new open concepts; through our work helping organisations implement open approaches; and learning what conditions helped them to achieve positive outcomes.

Our approach leverages three key foci that we use to: gain a rounded perspective of an organisation; catalyze the benefits that can be gained from open approaches and ermering tech; and to help navigate the change inherent in implementing new cultures or technologies.

Are you looking for an approach to working in the emerging era?

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