How We Helped An Open Source Technology Organisation Co-create Solutions With An Upstream Community

Organisation: The Open Organization

An upstream community - The Open Organization Project -supported by Red Hat

Sector: Open Source / Multi-sector

Year: 2016 - present

Interchange's Role

Jen Kelchner is an Open Org Ambassador and Project Maintainer. She helped architect the Open Organization community and continues to provide leadership for it.


Trapped & Untapped Value Realised

This pioneering thought work has led to foundational principles, practices and structures to be developed which are being implemented by organisations, educators, non-profits, and governments around the world. 


In this section, we take a look at the activities for our key indicators and the outcomes realised for the organisation.

Rapid Innovation

An Ambassador team who assist in directing projects

Multi-sector approach to research, co-creation and resource development


Architecting a community with many contribution pathways

Pathways guided by a common purpose allow for contribution at various levels and fosters continuous co-creation of new resources


Expanding the pioneering work into new areas and increasing global engagement though various communication channels and approaches

Openly licensed work has created impactful work that can be reused and adapted

An inclusive approach with open engagement and contribution has led to rapid and sustained growth

Navigating Possible, Probable & Preferred Futures

Evolving the governance for the Ambassador Program and Contributor pathways to increase engagement, recognition and opportunity 

Establishing a living governance model with varied contribution pathways has allowed for members to contribute their valuable skill sets in ways that make sense for them which propels the community towards a preferred future 

Remaining adaptable allows for the community to adjust to their current climate and maintain quality of outputs and resources in various formats

How We Helped

The Challenge

A leading open source technology organisation had been observing for decades how people with a common goal would come together to build solutions. The open source community began to ask for more information on how they too could organise for work differently. They wanted to know: How can we co-create a consistent set of principles for organisations and teams in an open way? How can we do this in the same way an open source community co-creates and maintains lines of code?

The Interchange Point

We helped architect a community-driven project, and to lead a global conversation about the ways open can influence how people work, manage, and lead in their organisations. 

We facilitated community members generating knowledge and sharing strategies about building organisational culture and helped shape the identification and articulation of the open principles of: inclusivity, transparency, collaboration, adaptability and community.

The Outcome

Since its inception in 2015, the upstream community has collaborated on creating knowledge resources. These resources include definitions, maturity models, practices, over 500 articles and 6 co-authored books published in an open sourced way.

For the supporting downstream organisation the community has provided resources to shape conversations and solutions with their own customer base, and helped the organisation innovate and grow.

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