Empowering action and connection with open: culture, collaboration & engagement

Greenpeace is a global, independent organisation that campaigns for the environment. We were part of a multi-agency team asked to supercharge Greenpeace International’s websites and communication channels that drive people to action on environmental issues. We ran diagnostics interviews with personnel in the Communications and Planet 4 teams to reveal Trapped & Untapped Value (TUV) and developed a targetted learning programme to help release it. Delivery included coaching and mentoring the teams on developing an open mindset and open leadership, developing communication strategy guidelines to promote connection, and providing learning experiences on how to use open approaches and open engagement to promote open collaboration and partnership working.


Diagnostics (bespoke)

Remote delivery



Curated learning programmes

Strategy recommendations

Revealing / Releasing Trapped & Untapped Value (TUV)

Community Call hosted and facilitated
Tracks for open contribution identified


TUV items identified

Most common reasons why people would contribute to Greenpeace open source identified

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