Our approach

Our approach


We have developed our own approach to help leaders and organisations embrace emerging tech, architect concepts, cultivate collaboration and navigate change.

Our approach leverages three key foci that we use to: gain a rounded perspective of an organisation; catalyze the benefits that can be gained from ermering tech; and help you navigate the change inherent in implementing new cultures or technologies. These foci are: Lenses, Conditions, and Horizons.


COG | We use different lenses to consider the organisation from different angles.

Core, Operational, Global


ORBITALS | We’ve found that certain conditions can help organisations embrace emerging technologies and navigate the corresponding cultural changes needed to optimise them:

Open, Regeneration, Balance, Information Flow, Trust, Awareness, Learning and Sustainability


PENCIL | When we regenerate and evolve, we encounter horizons along the way. We:

Prepare, Engage, Navigate, Course correct, Integrate and Loop