Jen Kelchner

pioneering open culture, leadership & behaviours


Jen has created pioneering adaptive schemas weaving cognitive psychology, practical experience and diverse theories into an applied language of change for optimized and sustainable transformation. She drives change conversations with high-level leaders, balancing contrasting and unusual influences together and connecting the nucleus of ideas to create wide roads for growth. Her gift to see the unseen and create bridges into the future allows her to assist others in navigating the uncharted and uncertain waters in a rapidly changing world. Jen partners with leaders in the private and public sectors around the world on shaping human centric futures today with clear action and meaningful impacts.

Selected Impacts

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  • Core Impacts
  • Operational Impacts
  • Global Impacts
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About the Work

Learn more about selected impacts from over the last 15 years of research, experience and development of diagnostics and methodologies that have impacted the strategic areas of core, operational, and global. 

Core Impacts

Core: impacts made in the performance and development of people, teams and leadership 

2006 - present | Transforming Behaviours | Executive Coaching & Consulting

  • Researching and studying the most effective and sustainable transformation arcs for growth
  • Personal awareness for transformation with meaningful and targeted changes occurring in 90 days
  • Executive Coaching for performance improvement, navigating major shifts, and empowering mindset and cognitive behaviour change
  • Research from behaviour studies led to crafting assessments and diagnostics to identify core intelligences, positive contribution value during change, unlock trapped value, discover untapped value, and to remove bias, barriers and limitations
  • Began deeper research into change horizons and how people respond and engage with change and necessary conditions for sustainable change leading to a Language of Change and various models and methodologies

2010 | Team Transformation - Deloitte

  • Successfully led a bottom-ranked team to become the National benchmark for an internal service model to #1 ranking in 10 months (out of 80 US offices)
  • Facilitated coaching and PIPs with a high success rate moving from low to high performance in individuals and teams
  • Led and facilitated workflow and system changes that led to increased performance in teams and resource utilization

2015 - 2018  Transforming People, Leadership & Workplace Culture | Forbes Coaches Council 

  • Invited to be a founding member and contribute thought leadership on people, leadership, and workplace transformation and represent as a recognized Executive Coach
Operational Impacts

Operational: impacts made in the performance of workflow, processes, governance, and revenue. 

2009 - 2010 | Transforming Service Models & Team Performance

  • Led data integrity and workflow analysis with team performance review which led to taking a bottom-ranked service team to #1 in the Nation in 10 months
  • The new service model rolled out transformed delivery and support models across every national office
  • Increased team utilization by 80%
  • Increased service opportunity by 293%
  • Reduced team overtime by 219%

2013 - 2016 | Transforming Workflow, Systems & Process for Healthcare Systems

  • Identified multimillions in lost revenue and multimillions in new revenue opportunities through Trapped Value Assessments
  • Identified performance inhibitors in teams to regain 11,000 productivity hours and utilization; and reduced millions of dollars in operational costs while improving service levels
  • Unlocked workflow barriers that were creating a 94% blockage to service capacity which improved service delivery times and opened streams of revenue

As the PMO Leader on multiple consulting projects:

  • Due diligence analysis and recommendations for the advancement of $1B Merger & Acquisition deal
  • Oversight of Joint Commission projects related to data integrity, workflow and compliance
  • Deep dive operational and expansion analysis of hospital with recommendations for sustainable growth


Global Impacts

External: impacts made in the communities and ecosystems

2006 - present | Pioneering Research & Development of Open Behaviors

  • Commenced research on people development, high performing teams, culture, and leadership that has informed the development of Open Behaviours, the dimensions by principle, and the Open Index Assessment
  • Created a psychometric assessment that looks at several dimensions of cognitive behaviours across the five open principles; from individual to team to organizational level which showcases the root causes and barriers of “not being open”
  • Used research from client projects - experience and derived outcomes based on my work
  • Began deeper research into change horizons and how people respond and engage with change and necessary conditions for sustainable change
  • Multiple diagnostics created during this phase of research
    • Trapped Value Assessment - 2013
    • Untapped Value Assessment - 2013
    • RBBL (Bias, Barriers & Limitations) - 2011
    • Intelligences Insight - 2013
  • Research from behaviour study and observation led to the development of the Positive Contribution Value psychometric assessment and insights into how people contribute at their best and highest level

2016 - present | Facilitating Global Community & Driving Conversations

From contribution to a lead Ambassador role that shapes the global conversation with leaders on open culture, open leadership and systems change through the implementation of open - as well as, assisting to architect, build and manage the global community project.

  • Defined the five Open Principles with the Open Org ambassador team
  • Lead role in creating the Open Org Maturity Model
  • Contributed to resources and books
  • Created, launched and administered Open Org TV for the Open Organization project

2019 | Transforming a Non-Profit Global Ecosystem

Created a collaborative development model for a multicultural, multisector non-profit ecosystem working to address global challenges in business that included open principles and practices.

The model was created to be replicated from start to finish including a Lab Toolkit for participants to use at a later date to enable repeatable delivery.

The experience delivered over a 3-day in-person event for 250+ attendees from 109 countries seeking to "build a better world, together"

Initiated 32 group labs on 19 workplace or sector issues

~90% of labs groups achieved or exceed outcomes

2019 - present | Insights Reports 

  • Presenting case studies, phenomenological data and insights on barriers and recommendations for creating the conditions that aid navigation of possible, probable and preferred futures

2017 | The Open Principles and Definitions; The Open Organization

2017 | The Open Organization Maturity Model; The Open Organization

2017 | The Open Organization Workbook; The Open Organization, Red Hat Inc.

2018 | The Open Organization Leaders Manual; The Open Organization, Red Hat Inc.

Additionally, Jen's work and thought leadership has been featured and mentioned in hundreds of media outlets, articles, and books around the world. 

Selected book citations

Gender Equality at Work, G. Mackenzie, 2016

Emerging Tenants of Change Management: The Six Secrets of Actual Organizational Change, M. Leckie, 2018

Value Creation Through Executive Development, S. Akrofi, 2018

Social Transformation is a Prerequisite for Achieving Digital Transformation, O. Al-Obaidly, Al-Alayam Publishing, 2018

Government Leaders Guide to Culture Change, Red Hat, (North America version 2019) (Europe version 2020)

I've met few people who understand 'open' as thoroughly and as intuitively as Jen. I've met even fewer who can write about it as effectively or argue for it as passionately and convincingly.

Dr. Bryan Behrenshausen Community Architect, Red Hat OSPO