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Why we exist

We take you on a journey of connection & learning.

Where leaders are supported to imagine new, preferred futures.

Interchange was brought together to deliver masterclasses on future-ready government with senior world leaders

We are two open experts from opposite ends of the planet, with aligned beliefs and approaches. 

What began almost accidentally has now become a mission, as we realised that together, we had a desire to contribute to solving large-scale problems. 

We could help organisational leaders confidently embrace emerging tech and empower their culture for the future.

Our methods

then direct.

Change is personal.
It's emotional.

Even for our most visible world leaders.

Interchange people know how to read the room – to connect with the people and energy within it. This helps to break down barriers within conventional environments and create the ideal space for people to innovate and learn. 

Our facilitation methods help leaders to shapeshift between perspectives, to explore new solutions to old problems.  Interchange has worked and continues to work to guide world leaders and their people towards organisational flexibility, resiliency and sustainability.


Interchange believes that people flourish when they’re enabled to think for themselves, think differently and explore different paths and destinations. 

We believe in open, balanced conditions for organisational flexibililty, resilience and sustainability.

We employ openness as the foundation for our interactions.

We foster trust, psychological safety, and self-awareness. 

We encourage transparent dialogue and information flow.

We support lifelong learning and skills recognition.

We empower people to navigate change. 

We seek meaningful connection and a sustainable future.

Our approach

Our work

Pioneering new concepts.

We’ve helped Secretaries of State, leaders with the European Commission, and senior leaders from multiple federal governments to create conditions for future-ready Government. 

We have used our approach to help senior leaders in Greenpeace, The Red Cross, Deloitte and 18 of the world’s most prominent Universities to plan and implement sustainable, innovative changes and move into the future with greater confidence. 

Interchange delivers pioneering work in open culture, open learning and recognition. We’ve helped author Open Characteristics, the Open Index, Open Badges, Open Recognition Pathways, and Cities of Learning UK. 

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Our founders

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Gráinne Hamilton

What our clients say

"Are perceptive, empathetic and artful in the way they engage stakeholders to draw out answers, authentic and relatable"

"Show what it means to create connection, openness and trust to explore"

"Are world-leading, pioneering experts in Open"

"Zoom in and out from macro to micro, playing out future scenarios to help the team shapeshift, ultimately choosing the right transformational direction"

"Gives us a sense of feeling understood, and that we have an ally in getting our job done"

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