Interchange 2021 In Review

Interchange 2021 In Review

Reflecting on 2021 Impacts

When we were taking a look back at our year – to gain insights for strategic planning – we saw work we were incredibly proud of and wanted to share.  You see, we both share a passion for meaningful impact and global transformation. To see it come to life in our own timeline in various ways was exciting and something we wanted to celebrate along with you all.

We would like to extend gratitude to all of those on the journey with us this year! There have been many champions behind the scenes and phenomenal open collaborators along the way making a difference on the journey. 

As we head into 2022 in a matter of weeks, we look forward to more partnerships and collaboration as we expand our community and global connections to foster more rapid innovation, resiliency, and sustainable growth as we collectively craft a more preferred future.

Jen Kelchner & Gráinne Hamilton; Co-founders of Interchange

2021 | Meaningful impacts

January 2021
Connecting Expertise

After collaborating together for 18 months, co-founders Gráinne Hamilton (Ardcairn) and Jen Kelchner (LDR21) created a space called Interchange to connect their pioneering expertise. 

We are two open experts from opposite ends of the planet, with aligned beliefs and methodologies coming together to solve hard-hitting issues. 

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January 2021
Discovery for a Fortune 100

A project that ran from January through October, included conducting discovery through Trapped and Untapped Value analysis to a Fortune 100 company. The subsequent recommendations were delivered and applied during the course of the year.

Key findings were able to determine the client’s champions for uptake and people of interest to increase engagement and strategy to open the customer pipeline.

March 2021
Developed Future Ready Content
for the Public Sector

Interchange was initially brought together to help create future-ready governmentsgovernments that perform futuristic thinking and planning with senior world leaders.

We developed a learning framework and content to deliver masterclasses to help government agency leaders become more future-ready. 

Between June and October 2021, we delivered to 89 public sector leaders across 12 Latin America countries and the European Union.

Masterclasses deliver 9 hours of expert facilitated conversation, learning and collaboration with repeatable practices where participants learn about the open principles that will empower you to leverage open source technologies and provide the cultural foundation for uplifting the capabilities within your organisation and people.

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June 2021
ORBS Learning Arccc

In June, we published the first version of our learning methodology  – the ORBS Learning Arccc. It provides the compass for Interchange learning experiences. It is our theory for learning that defines how we guide our learning experiences and is informed by leading research into the psychology of change and learning.

View the ORBS Learning Arccc

The upcoming version release will showcase the full ORBITALS methodology entwined with the learning arc.

June 2021
Workplace of the Future

We were invited to deliver a masterclasss to the European Commision which focused on the Workplace of the Future for internal teams. 

These sessions explored topics such as NextGen EU, OSPOs, cross-collaboration challenges, inclusivity, and identifying intelligences to increase innovation and engagement amongst team members.

“There are challenges with implementing open culture if we continue to only have a technology focus without cultural consciousness – it will slow organisations down.”

Workplace of the Future Masterclass participant, DIGIT, European Commission 2021

Interchange Methodology

August 2021
A synthesising of methodologies

Taking deep pioneering research, testing, and experience from the last 15+ years, we saw complimentary alignment in our work. We began to map out our individual work and weave it together into a new set of tools, diagnostics, and new methodologies.

Our methods are an articulation of the culmination of years of our experience and work across the spectrum of open and pioneering new concepts.

The Interchange Compass holds the methodologies of ORBITALS, COG, and PENCIL to aid in navigating possible, probable, and preferred futures.  By using the methodology, you identify the who, what, and how of a change journey. 

View our methodologies for transformation

September 2021
Open Principles & Case Studies - ORBITALS

Through the lens of ORBITALS and COG, we crafted new learning around open principles, principles in practice, case studies, and repeatable practices for each principle.

This content can be made available to organisations in an on-demand video format via our platform or in a masterclass setting.

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October 2021
Launch Brand Publicly

While doing business as Interchange began at the top of the year, we continued to iterate on our brand finally launching it publicly in October. 

Huge thanks and gratitude to our team at Brand chemistry for helping us navigate our journey and land on what was right for us!

October 2021
Launch Interchange Platform *beta*

Do you want in on the secret?

Our website isn’t just a few pages of information but an entire platform designed around connection, community, and knowledge sharing. We launched a beta version in October which includes bespoke community groups. 

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October 2021
Future Ready Government
LATAM Conference

We were pleased to deliver a Future Ready Government Conference as a 2-day virtual event to governments in Latin America.

Leveraging open principles, case studies, and practices through the lens of ORBITALS, we delivered to:

  • 12 Latin American Countries
  • 75 leaders
  • translated live in Spanish and Portuguese

November 2021
Published Insights Report

One of our core strengths is connection – specifically seeing points of connection to create impacts and insights. We took phenomenological and qualitative data points from 2019 -2021 and filtered them through a lens of open culture to publish our first Insights Report.

These insights show barriers to implementing open culture as well as leaders’ thoughts on preferred futures built on open culture.

Download the report

November 2021
COP26 Panel

Interchange was delighted to contribute to COP26 at the Open UK Open Technology for Sustainability Day on November 11, 2021. The goal of the day was to demonstrate to governments, public and private sectors that Open is a key enabler of sustainability – ecologically, socially and economically.

Our own Gráinne Hamilton led the introduction as well as moderated the panel.

View the full replay 

December 2021
First Open Community Call

On 01 December, we hosted our first Interchange Community call – Insights Chat – on the topic of Inner Source and Open Source Programme Offices for sustainable ecosystems. Featuring guest experts, Clare Dillon of InnerSource Commons, Daniel Izquierdo of Bitergia, and Sayeed Choudhury of Johns Hopkins University who led a great conversation. 

This call was facilitated by Gráinne Hamilton and Jen Kelchner; and, sponsored by Red Hat.

View the full replay 

Community Contributions

Being part of the open community and our desire to foster sustainable growth, through knowledge sharing and facilitation of new concepts, Interchange provided community contributions in the form of content creation, thought leadership, facilitation, concept architecture, and more in 2021.

These community contributions in total came to $363,000.

Communities contributed to:
  • The Open Organization; Ambassadorship & Content Creation 
  • COP26; facilitation on Open Technology & Sustainability
  • Insights Report; phenomenology insights on Open Culture
  • Insights Chat; community call on Inner/Open Source Programme Offices