Realise a preferred future for your

Interchange takes you on a journey of connection and learning

and provides tools that help you navigate towards your preferred future.

We help leaders and organisations to

Architect Concepts

We help you to blueprint and prototype.

We are explorers and designers and draw on our experience of pioneering concepts that have revolutionised such diverse things as Open, learning, recognition & organisational culture

Cultivate Collaboration

We help you to connect and collaborate.

We light the beacons so others can join us in our exploring and ideas.

We help you to collectively create concepts and take others with you on the journey

Navigate Change

We help you on your journey and provide tools... navigate the change horizons of transformation and regeneration.

We shapeshift between ideas and a bird’s eye view to help you chart paths to preferred futures

Now Available

It’s no secret that leaders are seeking to improve upon organisational flexibility, resiliency, and sustainability in the post-pandemic world emerging.

Interchange’s media-rich courses explore how to do this using our humanised and practical approach to open culture. They include: case studies of how open culture has helped traditional, hybrid and decentralised organisations improve outcomes; implementation tools; and diagnostic assessments that will provide you with personalised insights and recommendations for action.

Coming Soon

In this book, pioneers in Open, Gráinne Hamilton and Jen Kelchner explore: common characteristics of organisations that value and use open approaches; what open culture means to them and how they approach implementing it; and how open cultural approaches have benefited organisations, including cities, NGOs, private companies, charities and global communities. They reference lessons from their own work helping traditional organisations implement open within their existing context, and those they’ve helped bridge towards hybrid or decentralised approaches, as well as their own work creating decentralised approaches.

Interchange helps you confidently embark on new paths towards preferred futures.

We partner with you to create new ideas, to gain perspective and insights, and to release hidden value.

Using our unique approach, we help you

Orbit Ideas

What are the possibilities

We orbit ideas to define where you want to go and bring it to form.

By cultivating community, collaboration, and connection we gather, filter, and analyse data generating insights.

Review & Explore

Where you are now

We review and explore perceptions about people & leadership and systems, structures & processes.

Find insights through our confidence-rated diagnostics, based on our unique approach.

Navigate Opportunities

Where you want to go

We partner with you on the journey to where you want to go as you navigate opportunities and challenges on the way to your preferred future with our unique approach, resources and learning opportunities.

Why people choose us

"The most important reason we choose Interchange as our partner is that they think about future context when advising us about today; and we value them for their authentic and relatable people."
Fortune 100 Company
"What Interchange has done for me is give me a framework and set of tools to communicate and engage an audience in organisational transformation..."
Fortune 100 Company

Our humanised and empathetic approach helps generate connection, openness and trust.

We have created an empathetic, humanised approach and tools based on our pioneering work in the field of Open, learning, and the value of contributions. Our unique facilitation methods empower you to shapeshift between perspectives and analyse all of the angles. We bring ideas into form, create structure out of chaos, help you develop strategy, and create action plans for regeneration and sustainable growth.

How we can help you


Taking our deep pioneering expertise in the field of open, we have created courses to diagnostic tools to help you on your journey, at your pace.


Drawing on our decades of management consulting, executive coaching and our pioneering work in open learning and open recognition, we deliver excellence in our approaches.


We've crafted learning pathways and bring community experts together to learn collaboratively.

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